About Us

At Stepping Stones Montessori School we utilize a one-on-one hands-on method of education while focusing on an individualized  curriculum for each child.  By utilizing this method, instead of a teacher-centered group education approach that only serves to leave most children frustrated and behind, each child reaches his or her full potential emotionally, intellectually and physically.


In this day and age when kindergarten readiness is of the utmost importance, over 90% of our children are reading, performing basic mathematics, know the planets of our solar system and the earth's continents prior to attending their public or private elementary school for their kindergarten year.


Our children know that acquiring knowledge is anything but a passive endeavor.  Under the direction of our Certified Montessori Teachers, they learn to excel and thrive with a burning desire to explore and acquire knowledge.  This very desire will last them a lifetime and serve them well in their later educational years.


Contact us or stop in at your convenience for a tour of our school.  We believe you will see the difference a Montessori education at Stepping Stones Montessori School can make for your 18 months - 6 years old child!